Our Mission

Through education and educational programs, community outreach, research, advocacy, partnerships and promoting energy efficiency, RETI works to eliminate High Energy Burdens and make renewable energy solutions more accessible

What we do

  • Educating residents on home energy efficiency and clean energy solutions

  • Educational programs hosting by RETI range from lunch and learns with businesses to educational events with the girl scouts

  • Community outreach programs to collaborate with the people we are working to assist

  • Researching causes and effects of High Energy Burdens, intersections with other issues and creative solutions to combat burdensome energy bills.

  • Advocating for policy changes to improve housing energy efficiency standards and support renewable energy growth and accessibility

  • Partnering with community organizations, nonprofits and business to eliminate High Energy Burdens.

What We've Achieved

Though we were only founded in 2014, our innovative method is already getting recognized. 

  • 2016 Sustain Charlotte Second Place Winner - Social Equity

  • 2016 Sustain Charlotte Second Place Winner - Energy

  • Seed20 Class of 2014