Project Sundrop

On August 7th, a rooftop solar system was installed on Sharon’s house at no cost to her. The solar panels will turn sunlight into electricity and offset Sharon’s electricity bills. When asked how she feels about her solar panels a month later she said,

“I feel really good. I’m waiting for that first bill to come! I go out to my meter almost every other day to see which direction it is going. I’m learning about how much power my panels can produce.”

During the day, when the solar panels are producing more electricity than Sharon’s household is using, her meter will be turning backwards, and at night when she uses electricity, it will turn forwards. Sharon has promised to share her first bill with the entire North End community to compare before and after her solar panels.

Sharon’s solar panels were donated to her through the partnership of Sunlight Financial, Palmetto Clean Technology, and Renewable Energy Transition Initiative. RETI had worked previously with the North End community through the North End Smart District Kickstart, and RETI believed that their previous energy efficiency and smart technology education was an important first step before installing rooftop solar. RETI worked with the NECC President, Melissa, to select a homeowner with a high energy burden and whose rooftop met the eligibility requirements and would allow for the greatest amount of energy to be produced.


Producers: Miles O’Brien, Fedor Kossakovski

Editor: Alex Lagore

Online Editor: Brian Truglio

Camera: Matt Couch

Additional Footage: City of Charlotte (public domain)

Stills used with permission from: DeAndrea Newman Salvador

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