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If you have an active Duke Energy Progress account then you might be eligible for Shared Solar. To apply for assistance: Visit a local participating community organization to fill out the application and verify your household's income. If eligible for assistance, Duke Energy Progress will waive your application cost and initial fees (this is a $120 value). Subscribing to shared solar will provide you with a monthly credit on your energy bill and you will be supporting clean renewable energy!

Scroll down to learn about: how to apply, Eligibility requirements, what is solar energy. Address and maps of sign-locations are at the bottom of the page

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How do I get verified?

Step 1: Visit a Participating Community Organization* to have your income verified

Step 2: Fill out Application: the participating organizations will be able to provide you with an application (view full application online or download and fill out at home)

Step 3: Have your income verified by authorized organizations (their signature is required).

Step 4: Participating Community Organizations will Submit your application to Duke Energy Progress via email or fax. (You will receive a response from Duke Energy Progress in five business days)


Am I Eligible?

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in Shared Solar you must have an active Duke Energy Progress account

Your account needs to be current and you can't currently be in bankruptcy (see application for full eligibility requirements).

To qualify for Assistance:

Shared Solar Assistance is available to individuals based on their annual income according to household size (see chart below)


What is Solar Energy?

Turning sunlight into Electricity

Solar photovoltaic (PV) devices, or solar cells, change sunlight directly into electricity. Shared Solar power plants have large arrays of solar panels that cover many acres to produce electricity for thousands of homes.

What the video below to learn about the SC Shared Solar Program: 

*Locations below of Participating Community Organizations to apply/verify income


Chesterfield-Marlboro Economic Opportunity Council Inc.

318-322 Front Street

Cheraw, SC 29520

843-320-9760 --


Darlington County Community Action Agency

904 South 4th Street

Hartsville, SC 29550



Pee Dee Community Action Partnership Inc. (Florence)

2685 S Irby St

Florence, SC 29505

843-678-3400 --


Pee Dee Community Action Partnership Inc. (Dillon)

126 North MacArthur Avenue

Dillon, SC 29536



Wateree Community Actions, Inc.

115 North Harvin Street

Sumter, SC 29151

803-422-0016 --


Pee Dee Community Action Partnership Inc. (Marion)

1011 East Godbold Street

Marion, SC 29571



Pee Dee Community Action Partnership Inc. (Lake City)

180 Brown Street

Lake City, SC 29560



Interested In Shared Solar? Find out information at one of our upcoming events.

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