Lights and Appliances

In you home, you choose your actions and how you behave.

The energy use of lights and appliances in your home is dependent on how often they are plugged in and how often they are used. You may not be able to buy new energy star devices, but you can choose to unplug after each use. 


Work with what you have



Free Energy Saving Behavior 

  • Lights: use only what you absolutely need. Take advantage of natural lighting.
  • Unplug EVERYTHING when not in use
  • Choose not to use energy
    • air dry clothes
    • Use natural lighting; sit by a window
  • Cook efficiently: cover pots with lids, and use pan/pots that fully cover burner 

Coming soon: more free energy saving behaviors and tips


"Spring" Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning dust off lightbulbs can save you money? Here are some useful "Spring" Cleaning tips that can be helpful all year long.

  • Clean dust off your light bulbs, electronics and vents
  • Deep clean your outdoor AC unit
  • Clean the coils of your refrigerator
  • Change out furnace filters

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist coming soon!


    Invest in your home

    • Power strip or smart powerstrip
    • Energy efficient light bulbs (LED)
    • Star Energy Appliances

    If you use a power strip for an entertainment center → remember to turn off power strip when not in use. Your devices are still sucking electricity unless you turn off the powerstrip or unplug the device. Alternative for convenience: Smart Power Strip*

    I was always forgetting to turn off the TV when I was done or at night. When I started using a smart power strip* I didn’t have to worry anymore and could just enjoy the energy savings

    *Smart Power Strip

    Smart Power Strips work to reduce your power usage by shutting down power to products that go into standby mode. Source