Solar Energy Creating New Pathways

Renewable energy could be a game changer for those living with high energy burdens; sources like solar power and energy efficiency could, in the long run, reduce a family’s energy bill by over 70 percent.

DeAndrea Salvador, Founder and Executive Director of RETI, spoke at the NEUAC (National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition) Conference about how solar energy can change the game for energy assistance and reducing energy burdens. The topics discussed on the panel were:

  • Benefits and risks of community solar programs
  • Ways to eliminate barriers to renewable energy
  • Engaging and partnering with the community
  • Education about solar to increase participation

RETI's partnership with the Duke Energy income-qualified shared solar program in South Carolina, is an example of how RETI works to sustainably alleviate high energy burdens, and make renewable energy solutions more accessible.

Shared solar is a sustainable solution to alleviate High Energy Burdens

  1. Shared solar makes renewable energy accessible to individuals that are not able to put solar panels on their roof

  2. The income-based application makes solar energy accessible to families who would not otherwise be able to participate in shared solar programs. They can enjoy savings right away because the application fee is waived for participants under a certain income.

RETI is excited about this opportunity to bring solar energy to more families in the Southeast, and we hope that this program will build momentum for future renewable energy projects.

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(This Shared Solar program is only available for Duke Energy Progress customers in South Carolina)

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