Does where you live matter?

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Is your health affected by where you live?

In North Carolina, there is a correlation between low-income counties and poor health, and low-income counties in NC are more vulnerable to air pollution than wealthier counties.

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The Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings show that health factors and outcomes vary not only according to where people live but also depending on their racial and ethnic background. The report provides data for whites, blacks and Hispanics on median household income, percent of children living in poverty, premature death and low birth weight. Blacks consistently have the worse outcomes for all measures regardless of the median household income for the county. 
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Now that we have identified this correlation, how can we make a change?

Education? Clean Energy? Policy Changes? Advocacy? How will you get involved?

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Check out the full story: “Where you live matters” by Dorothy Rawleigh, a guest blog on Clean Air Carolina's website.

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