RETI Joins the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Clean Energy in Low Income Communities Accelerator Program

Charlotte, NC — July 22, 2016 —

The Renewable Energy Transition Initiative (RETI) has announced that it has become a partner in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings 'Clean Energy For Low Income Communities Accelerator', to help to lower energy bills in low-income communities through expanded installation of energy efficiency and distributed renewables.

As a partner, RETI will work to successfully integrate energy efficiency and distributed renewables delivery across the key clean energy partners in a community, such as community-based organizations, program providers, contractors, financial institutions, and customers.

Thanks to a dedicated drive to actively create and share the best energy efficiency solutions, Better Buildings partners have dramatically cut their energy waste and saved more than a billion dollars since the Better Buildings initiative was launched five years ago,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “As the initiative continues to grow, we are moving the nation forward by reducing energy costs and carbon emissions through energy efficiency.”

As a cornerstone of the President’s Climate Action Plan, the Better Buildings Initiative aims to make commercial, public, industrial, and residential buildings 20% more energy efficient over the next decade. This would save hundreds of billions of dollars on energy bills, reduce GHG emissions, and create thousands of jobs. Through Better Buildings, public and private sector organizations across the country are working together to share and replicate positive gains in energy efficiency.

Additional information about our partnership will be released soon.


About The Renewable Energy Transition Initiative — RETI: 

RETI is rooted in creating stable economies by means of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development. RETI uses these ideals to help people and communities most critically in need sustainable decrease their energy costs and reinvest the funds back into themselves. Additionally, RETI hosts a Youth Advisory Council working to increase energy conservation.

About Better Buildings Accelerators: